Price List

Laser Price List

Eye treatments may be added to any facial; $45

Teenage Facial $65
Our mini facial maintains your complexion with skin cleansing, exfoliating, peeling and moisturizing. Includes professional advice on maintaining younger-looking skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $80
Replenish your radiance with our spa facial! Includes a gentle face and shoulder massage to revitalize skin tissue plus specialized treatment serum, mask, toner and moisturizer to reveal your most radiant glow!


Ultimate Facial $99
Our Ultimate facial which begins with our Deep Pore Cleansing Facial and includes relaxing hand and foot massage.

Corrective High-Performance Facials

-Propolis Extract “Sensitive”
-Vitaminic Concentrate “Anti free-radicals”


Plantomere (Refreshing Hydration) $120
-Lumafirm (lift and glow) $120
-Anti-Free Radicals (Renews Radiance) $120
-Oxy-Vital (Regenerating) $120
-Luminous C and Sea (Luminous Renewal) $125
-Rosacea (Soothes Sensitivity) $125
-Elasto-Firm (Improves Elasticity) $125
-Caviar Treatment (Timeless Rejuvenation) $150


Relaxation Massage

30 minutes $60
45 minutes $75
60 minutes $90

90 minutes $120

Laser Vein Treatment:

Consult/1st (15-20 minutes laser) $300.00
Consult/1st (30-35 minutes laser) $500.00
Consult/1st (45-60 minutes laser) $800.00

2nd treatment (15 minutes laser) $200.00
2nd treatment (30 minutes laser) $400.00
2nd treatment (45 minutes laser) $600.00
2nd treatment (60 minutes laser) $800.00

3rd treatment (same as 2nd treatment)
4th or 5th treatment (no charge)
6th treatment (same as 2nd treatment]

Pigmented Lesions:

15 minutes $100.00+
With Laser Facial $50.00+

Treatment interval time: 4-8 weeks
$25.00 for test spot, applied towards tx
$25.00 minimum charge (per pulse)
Purchase 4 treatments get the 5th free


Full Face $179.00+
Full Face/Neck $275.00+


Please call for more information

regarding Electrolysis.


All prices for hair vary according to stylist!

We Offer free consultations… book one today!

Shampoo & Style $40+

Wash, cut & style $46+

Updos $60+

Hair treatments: (cut not included)

Pre-art, deep conditioning & cat protein $40+

Corrective $100+
Permanent & semi $80+
Per foil $20+
Half head $80+
Full head $100+


Wash, cut & style $30+
Colour/Highlights $50+


Girls (13 years or younger) $35+
Boys (13 years or younger) $20+

Great Spa Packages

Spice of the Orient $155

Your choice of Body Scrub with Anti-Stress oil,followed by Vichy Shower, ending with a 60 min Relaxation Massage.

Cleopatra Secrest $190

Restores skin elasticity and regenerates damaged cells with your choice of uour Body Wrap, ending with a 60 min Relaxation Massage.

Body Treat $195

Experince our Ultimate Facial, followed by an Eyes Treatment, ending with our Spa Pampering Pedicure.

Body Basics $238

Start with your choice of High Performance facial, followed by a 60 min Relaxation Massage, ending with a Pampering manicure.

Gentlemen's Retreat $260

Comes with your choice of Body Wrap, followed by spa Pampering Pedicure and finishes with a 60 min Relaxation Massage.

Just for Two of Us     $242

Enjoy our Pampering Manicure and Pedicure with friend.

Mind, Body and Soul Connection $315

Start with a 60 min Relaxation Massage, followed by your choice High Performance Facial, ending with our Spa pampering Manicure and Pedicure.


Spa Manicure $49
Your hands will delight in our spa manicure which includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle treatment, gentle exfoliation and polish!

Pampering Manicure $56
Indulge your hands with our pampering manicure! The treasures and polish of our spa manicure plus hydrating heated paraffin treatment and a relaxing hand massage!

Men’s Pampering Manicure $52
Your hardworking hands will be rewarded with our spa manicure, followed by heated paraffin treatment, ending with a relaxing foot massage!

Spa Pedicure $78
Treat your feet with our spa pedicure which includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle treatment, gentle exfoliation and polish!

Pampering Pedicure $86
Delight your feet with our pampering pedicure! Starting with our spa pedicure, your feet then soak in a hydrating heated paraffin treatment before a comforting foot massage and polish!

Men’s Pampering Pedicure $80
Begin with our spa pedicure, then spoil your feet with a hydrating paraffin treatment and soothing foot massage!

***For packages please download files***


Eyebrow shaping $20
Upper Lip $15
Chin $15
Full face (Included Brow) $60
Sides of face $20
Shoulder &Neck $45
Half Arms $35
Full Arms $55
Underarms $25
Back or chest $50+
Bikini $35
French Bikini $45+
Brazilian $75+
Half Legs $48
Half Legs & Bikini $65
Full Legs $68
Full Legs & Bikini $84

Eyebrow Tinting $23
Lash Tinting $30

Lash Extetion $145

Lash Lifts $120


100 minutes $46
200 minutes $75
400 minutes $135

Per Session: $12 (From 7-20 minutes)

Free consulation Laser every Thursday and Friday from 830pm-9pm

**First come first serve***


Body Scrubs $65
Exfoliate your whole body with one of our revitalizing scrubs to leave your skin clean, refreshed and feeling silky smooth!

--Aromatherapy Salt Glow

Body Wraps $125
Treat yourself to one of our invigorating body wraps and emerge feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

--Moor Mud (anti-stress and muscle tension relief)
--Rassoul Moor Mud (refining and anti-fatigue)
--Papaya Pineapple (anti-aging)
--Water lily ( soothing)

All body treatments and massages can be enhanced with our Vichy Shower experience to invigorate and increase circulation.

Vichy Shower (Add-On Service) $40

*** **


Using the latest laser technology, we offer safe, fast and effective treatments for both men and women.

We use Laser (Alexandra 755nm, Nd:Yag 1024 nm), Estelux IPL, Blu-U (with Levulan) and Triactive Laser Cellulite machine.

Free Consultation for Laser Services

We have a variety of treatments including:

-laser cellulite treatment (for skin toning)
-photodynamic treatment of common skin disorders including acne

-laser hair removal

-spider vein and lesion removal

-laser facials

---  skin rejuvenation

---  repairs photo-damaged skin

---  mini face-lifts


Laser hair removal:

Upper lip $60.00+
Chin $70.00+
Upper lip/ Chin $99.00+
Side Burns $125.00+

Neck (Front) $115.00+
Neck (Back) $115.00+

Upper Arms $169.00+
Fore Arms $135.00+
Full Arms $299.00+
Hands and Fingers $100.00+

Under arms (Axillas) $89.00+

Chest $244.00+
Breast/ Areola $70.00+

Abdomen (Navel) $75.00+

Shoulders $244.00+
Upper Back $274.00+
Upper Back/ Shoulder $420.00+
Lower Back $249.00+

Bikini line $95.00+
Buttock $99.00+
Brazilian $199.00+

Legs (Upper) $250.00+
Legs (Lower) $250.00+
Legs (full) $480.00+
Legs (full) and Bikini $558.00+
Feet and Toes $40.00+

Full Body $2499.00+